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Manufacturers of hot water heaters for the speciality market. The company has been operating since 1990.

We manufacture special hot water heaters for the mobile homes and caravan market. Also for home units where it's difficult to install a standard type heaters.

The heaters are a standard balanced flued heaters, which draws it's air for burning and expells the products of combustion out through the same terminal.

Modulating gas control
Adjustable temperature control
Assembled in Australia



The unique design of the SERVGAS AQUA POWERED HOTWATER HEATER allows the unit to be installed INSIDE a dwelling. Utilising a "balanced flue" system, the SERVGAS AQUA POWERED HOTWATER HEATER is installed either in a kitchen cupboard or a wall (external).
The unit is sealed and draws no primary air from the room, rather, the balanced flue system not only draws its combustion air from outside but expells the burnt flue gases via the same means.


Ideal for the multi storey building where conventional flueing is not applicable i.e. apartments, flats, etc. with concrete floors and concrete ceilings. Conventional continous flow internal systems are top flued and cannot be installed in buildings where flue does not terminate to atmosphere.

The SERVGAS AQUA POWERED HOTWATER HEATER can be installed in high rise buildings as the entire installation is done from the inside. If gas hot water heating is your preference, and others just can't do the job, consider the SERVGAS AQUA POWERED HOTWATER HEATER, a unique design for a unique application.